Consumer Protection Assist

Here to protect your right's as a consumer.


South Africa possesses over some of the best consumer legislation in the world- this is the upside. The downside is that it is difficult and expensive for a consumer to access these rights.

Consumer Protection Assist aims to change that. It is a consumer organisation which assists consumers to exercise their rights at a very low cost, with very little effort.

It furthermore provides a platform where consumers can check on the credibility of suppliers of goods and services.

Most people will only make use of legal services when they want to get married out of community of property, when they want a divorce or when they buy or sell a house.

To make use of legal representation is mostly not worth their while as they get billed for every letter and every telephone call, made and received. Even when you phone to query your invoice, you can expect another charge just for that on your next invoice!

CPA SA provides an affordable easy solution to this situation by addressing the situation in two ways:

CPA SA can also provide legal assistance in all other areas of law apart from consumer protection law at discounted rates through its network of attorneys.

Consumers can approach CPA SA for any legal issue for peace of mind to be treated fairly. The services of attorneys also fall within the ambit of the consumer protection act.

Although CPA’s head office is situated in Pretoria, our services are provided throughout the entire South Africa at the same cost.

It is our goal to change the way consumer law is enforced in South Africa to make it a law which is to the benefit of all consumers in South Africa.